Le Spiagge: Agosto 2017

Dear Readers,

I have some wonderful news: we have a website creator/cleaner-upper genius kind of guy who just happens to be the son of our newest members, Paul & Christine Gullo. Steven will begin his studies (computer major) at Jacksonville University in another week, but we met and he helped me make something nice out of something not great.

It’s definitely a work in progress, but the 2017-18 Scholarship Application is posted, the page tabs have been placed in a more functional, accessible location on the home page, and we’re trying to improve our Calendar of Events (definitely a work in progress!).  My job is to keep the calendar updated with our activities and Italian and American holidays, a monthly Le Spiagge newsletter posted, and I’ll now have more time to work on our facebook page – Beaches Lodge 2821 OSIA.  Steven’s job is to make sure I don’t make a mess of things. He’ll keep our photo gallery updated and direct me on how to post things properly.

And here’s your August update:

  • Bunco !!!!  Our Scholarship fundraiser will be Friday, August 11, Jean Farrar’s residence (see Calendar of Events for location & details); bring a dish to share and prepare yourself for lots of laughter!
  • Our next General meeting is Monday, August 14, same time, same place. We had to move the date due to Adele Grage Cultural Center’s dual use as a voting location on the 28th. You will get a new Agenda on Wednesday (9th)…bring an antipasto to share.
  • August 15: Ferragosto (Assumption of Mary) is a major religious & secular holiday in Italy.

Our families are getting their kids ready to head back to school. We need a little breathing time before our Fall & Winter schedules begin. If you still have to squeeze in vacations, drive or fly safely!!

Le Spiagge: January 2017

My fingers will be busily typing to bring you up-to-date on our end of year activities, motions, member info… it’s been enjoyable in all that has developed:

  1. New meeting date and format:  Beginning this month, Lodge #2821 will meet on the 4th Monday, 6:00pm, at the same location (Adele Grage Cultural Center, A.B.).  The Lasagna dinner is $10 / adults, $5 children under 12. Our meetings are short and sweet, and we flow right into dinner and lots of laughter.  The 6pm meeting will be our Council Meeting where all members are invited to attend but only council members participate. This meeting should last an easy 15 minutes (our president gets the job done!), and we will flow right into the General Meeting. Council members will receive two agendas, all members will receive the General Meeting Agenda.
  2. Our website Calendar has been updated:  We have bits and pieces (and dinner meals/prices and activities as they are finalized) to add along the way. You will get periodic email updates to advise.
  3. How to use the Calendar tab:  Take your mouse and hover over the calendar date. You will see some information, but this is not everything. You are able to map-link to a location and you will find adult meal prices, meal info, all the stuff you need for your calendar. I believe you are even able to click the link right into your smartphone calendar!
  4. We have raised Italy Earthquake assistance funds to hand off to both the Italian Red Cross  ($1000.00) and Monastery of San Benedetto ($700.00) in Norcia. We will hand-deliver the Italian Red Cross check to their office in Rome, and the monks will get theirs in Norcia when the snow and ice is gone (hopefully very soon). Norcia was one of the major earthquake hits in August and October.
  5. Our 2017 budget was approved in December…you were emailed an attachment for review and what you received is what has been approved. Go ahead and print, punch holes, and insert in your Member Notebook.
  6. 2017 Member Dues ($35) are due at the January meeting. If you are unable to attend the great meeting with a delicious Lasagna dinner, just mail your check payable to Beaches Lodge 2821 to: Cheryl Berg, Recording Secretary, 7 Burling Way, Jax Beach FL 32250.
  7. 2016-17 Scholarship Application for this year’s graduating seniors is due by March 31st. The deadline is firm. This is a merit-based scholarship of $1000. The mailing address is indicated on the application instructions. If you know a senior of Italian descent who is not sure if he/she qualifies, suggest they fill out and submit the application regardless.

Great news for our Charity Fund chairman:  a Mother & Daughter Fashion Show & Tea, co-sponsored by the St John’s Parish Health & Wellness Ministry and Beaches Lodge #2821. The Fashion Show will be held on Saturday, April 29th, 11:30am – 1:30pm, at the St Johns Parish Hall, A.B.; Fashions provided by The Dress Barn (ladies) and Old Navy (children). This event has been popular in the past and we are hoping for great ticket sales!  $15 / adult, $5 children under 12.

November 1 – Website running again…

We’re back!!!  A medical hiccup has kept this site from being updated, but no more…

Our mission is to bring our everyday southern Italian life to our Lodge members, in addition to bringing Italian-American culture to the forefront. We’ll let you take out your Italian-English dictionary to look up the unfamiliar words, but you probably already know most of them if you were lucky enough to have a mother, father or grandparent speaking in the native tongue.

Most of us grew up with mom’s sauce (okay, gravy to some of us) simmering on Sundays, prepping for the big mid-day family dinner. Antipasti?  Platters were overflowing with salsicce, salumi, peperoni, olive, formaggio, carciofi. Different pastas were served on different Sundays (and let’s not forget the weekday pastas). Meats were braciola, meatballs, maybe a pork roast or ribs. Insalata?  That was served after the meal. And the dolci…. Memory burn, right??  Well, we’ve learned a few things in the 8 years living here. Mom’s sauce has been replaced with a one hour sugo – quck and easy, but a ragu` is still prepared when a meat base is used, usually taking a few hours over the flame. Lasagna noodles? Almost all of them in the supermercati are ‘no boil’. You can buy fresh lasagna noodles in the markets, ours are in the dairy section (not to be confused with regular, 2% or skim milk that comes in boxes and is unrefrigerated). More foods as the months progress…

Today is 1 November, Ognissanti. Tomorrow is 2 November, il Giorno dei Morti. Yesterday families were busily cleaning and tidying up in cemeteries and today the flowers will be brought by family members who will remember their loved ones for the next two days. Most businesses and all schools are closed for these three days. We enjoy celebrating national holidays on its precise day – no three or four day weekend for us. But add all the national and religious days and you will experience a boatload of down time.

Panettone has hit the market shelves! I’ve seen Christmas decorations in stores already, but with our American Thanksgiving coming up soon (24 November), Italians acknowledge it as one of our big celebration days here. We celebrate, they don’t, and a whole turkey is hard to find in southern Italy unless it’s closer to Christmas. That said, a great rotisserie chicken is easy to stuff and steam heat on the stovetop.

Does anyone have northern Italy or north Italian-American experience?  Would love to have you provide me with future articles or even a few paragraphs of how your family’s lifestyle impacted you.

Most important: Please review our Events tab above. This will be your calendar info as we go along, but you’ll want to keep your Agenda/Minutes dates notated, as well.


Le Spiagge: giugno 2015

We are in a period of Remembrance this weekend – Monday is the day we honor the memories of our fallen soldiers who died defending what our country stands for and for the fallen who helped our allies being attacked on their foreign soil.

Fly your flag during the weekend but remember to take it down at sunset (unless a light is spotlighted on it).

Here are the upcoming summertime activities:

10 June – Book Club!  Wonderful selection; see Calendar for details…

14 June – Flag Day!  Proudly display the red, white and blue, but remember to take it down at sunset.

17 June – General Meeting & Dinner: our All-American hot dog, potato salad, yummy cookout foods night.  $5 dinner and you don’t have to lift a finger!  Let’s hear it for the red, white and blue, people!!!  woohoo!!!  see Calendar for details…

21 June – Father’s Day (USA)

25-28 June – Grand Lodge of Florida Biennial Meeting (new president to be elected)

4 July – Independence Day!!!  Happy Birthday, America!

15 July – General Meeting/Antipasto Dinner (bring something to share; if unable to make or purchase anything, it’ll only cost you $3)

29 July – Book Club: How Italian Food Conquered the World by John Mariani. Absolutely great read!!!  see Calendar for location & time details…

18 September – new date for our annual Murder Mystery Dinner: “Staying Alive” (takes place in NYC in the late 70’s. I’ll let your imagination take over until I give you more details.

Okay, that’s some calendar highlights. Now I need to tell you about our Scholarship Winners – Marie Fazio (Bishop Kenny) and Logan Spina (Fletcher). We were able to happily provide each student with our $750 scholarship and Italian American biography book. Dante medals are presented at the students’ Award Ceremony for each high school.

Enjoy your summer, stay healthy, drive carefully, if you can make our 3rd Wednesday meetings (we keep it short and sweet and laugh over our antipasti meals), we’ll see you there!

And don’t forget: Murder Mystery Dinner is Friday, September 18th. It’s going to be great!




Le Spiagge: marzo 2015

Mark those calendars!  

Mother & Daughter Fashion Show and Tea: April 25th, 12:30 – 2:30pm

We can use some help with the fashion show.  Sharyn Roettger and Joanna Johnson are again co-chairing the event, Sharyn representing the St. John’s Parish Nurses Ministry, and Joanna representing Beaches Lodge 2821. Both ladies belong to both groups. Two ladies and two groups joined forces last year and the success was amazing. We would love to see a repeat!  The lodge’s share is directed to our Charities fund.

There will be eight women and eight girls as our models, fashions from Dress Barn for the ladies, and fun fashions from Old Navy for the girls. If you and your daughter/granddaughter are interested in serving as models, please contact Sharyn. Her phone number is listed on your Member Roster. Sharyn & Joanna have asked for volunteers to prepare food items prior to the tea.  It will be finger sandwiches, a variety of them. mmmm….

MEN:  Did you mark your calendar for March 8th?  It’s a major festa here in Italy: the celebration of International Women’s Day!  Men of all ages give women of all ages a spray of mimosa – bright yellow, very lovely. No cooking for le donne…  it’s a dining out day/evening.

Our February lodge meeting had low attendance (never schedule a meeting on Ash Wednesday, ever), but lots of laughter. The 2016 calendar will be carefully screened – we did try to change the date but it didn’t work out.  We have refined this year’s calendar, tweaking a date here and a date there.


We are shooting for Saturday, March 28th for our next Hot Dog/Italian Sausage & Peppers food sale.  Same time: 11am-2pm, same place: Marsh Landing’s Turner Ace Hardware parking lot. Setup begins at 10am, if you can help, and the worker bees are out of there by 2:30. It’s one of those twice a year gatherings where we raise the monies for our Charities fund but we all have the very best time visiting with one another and anyone who wants to buy a sandwich, sit, eat and visit with us.

We have our summer Book Club back!  Dates and book titles are on the Calendar – locations to be determined-we’ll keep you posted. Some books are chosen from the national Italian America quarterly magazine, and some books are gleaned from recommendations, our discoveries in various bookstores.  Topics are always by Italian or Italian American authors. Well, not always… there are some incredibly fine authors who have researched the heck out of Italian subjects, and if we find the book’s content worthy, we will recommend on this site.

Our goal is to continue to link websites on our Facebook lodge page and this website more frequently. Some of us spend way too much time in front of our laptops or tablets, searching for ‘stuff’ we want to share.

Example: a few of us had subscriptions to La Cucina Italiana magazine. If you like to eat Italian, and you like to cook Italian, and you just love staring at glossy pages of Italian food prepared in a way I have yet to duplicate, this was considered one of the best, if not the best. It still is!  In Italy!  (me whispering: you don’t want to know the cost of a foreign print magazine subscription). The mother ship is in Italian and they decided to publish in English. For many years!  And then one day…  ‘sorry, we are unable to continue to print the English format… ‘, leaving an awfully expensive Italian print version – if you could find it in the U.S. – where limping through an Italian publication would require an Ital-Eng dictionary and a conversion scale from those metric grams and litres to our standard American English ounces, pounds, teaspoons, cups – you know the drill. And then one of our members needed a little computer assistance on her facebook page, and staring me in the face was a page she ‘liked’: La Cucina Italiana magazine. In Italian! Recipes! Gorgeous food pics! I introduced her to another fine Italian magazine publication, also on facebook, Sale & Pepe magazine.  Both magazines have websites that offer newsletters. And while I’m at it, I found the neatest Italian American website and facebook page/website that I linked: Proud Italian Cook. So many others….. happy hunting, everyone.  So much for delicious Italian food and cooking!

The Grand Lodge rushed 15 calendars to us and 10 were taken in the blink of an eye. We have 5 left, I’ll re-post the remaining numbers via email. If there’s an interest, we can always order more calendars. I believe the calendar numbers are good until the end of January 2016, but I’ll double-check for us all.

Our lodge is sponsoring a USO No Dough Dinner and has been assigned an October date. Member Al Iannacone will be our link to the USO for this event. It was voted upon at the February general meeting. More details to follow in later posts…





Are you Italian? Italian-American?

My knee-jerk reaction to someone’s comment awhile back, after speaking with a high school senior (Italian last name) about the possibility of receiving a lodge scholarship, was one of total disbelief and dismay.  The 18 year old said she didn’t qualify because she wasn’t Italian, but her grandmother was. ???  My own children, from the time they were young, knew their heinz57 ethnic mix.

There was a time when children (my father was one of them) of immigrants from any country just wanted to blend. America teaches us today that to be politically correct, we shouldn’t hyphenate any foreign nationality with ‘American’.  How, pray tell, are we to believe that we are native to this land?  Go back 500 years – we weren’t here first.  I’m not going to debate if the Native Americans were from Siberia, Asia, Canada, wherever… I’m just saying that we Americans of European descent were most definitely not here first, but once established on this soil, we could rightfully claim a hyphenated name.  The brits do it all the time!

Our lodge has Italian-Americans, Italians (born in Italy), and some can claim citizenship to both America and Italy. But the flavor of the Italian communities throughout America just happens to be Italian-hyphenated-American!  It’s fun!  There’s a whole book written about these American neighborhoods!  It’s the food…. I swear it’s the food…

But someone (Italian American) needs to spread the word that families truly need to research their immigrant roots.  If we Italians offer a scholarship, perhaps every other ethnic group is doing the very same thing!  We won’t know unless we first know who we are.

Which takes us to our genealogy, but that’s another post.

Diversity is very good.

Le Spiagge: novembre 2014

and now we begin the run of holidays in Italia e America!

1 novembre:  Ognissanti/Tutti i Santi (All Saints Day) – flower vendors everywhere here (Italy)!  

Remembrances for Elena Walsh, Nunzio Manto, Mary Diaz and Barbara Othmer – you are always missed.

2 novembre:  Il giorno dei Morti (All Souls Day) – flowers at family gravesites

11 novembre:  Veterans Day – this is the day we honor all living and deceased veterans… thank you!!

14 novembre:  Friday nite, 6.30pm; Barbara’s BUNCO!  $10.25 and bring a dish to share… hosts: Anita & Rick’s, 2036 Chelwood Ct, A.B. 

17 novembre:  Council Meeting, 6.30pm

19 novembre:  a very fast Lodge meeting at 6.00pm, followed by the “Family & Friends Thanksgiving Dinner”:  lodge provides beverages, turkey, ham; everyone brings a side dish to celebrate the feast!  Please Please Please let Joanna (241.0966) know by 14 November how many will be attending; we don’t want to run short of the turkey or ham…

27 novembre:  Thanksgiving (we can find turkey, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, green beans, no cranberries -I brought some fresh ones with us, stuffing – non lo so… what are we missing for our American dinner in Italy??)

12 dicembre:  Friday, 6.30pm  – our Christmas Celebration at Joanna & Bill’s, 2516 Spokane Avenue, A.B.  rsvp: Joanna, 241.0966 or email: billjoanna57@yahoo.com;  bring a dish to share and an untagged $10 max wrapped gift for the gift exchange. If there’s two of you coming, bring two gifts or just take one…

For anyone might be unaware, one of our beloved members passed six months ago and today would have turned 75. Barbara Othmer – as so many of us knew – was a dedicated lodge member who had a passion for our Scholarship fund. Her proud moment was when her granddaughter Amanda was the recipient of our scholarship just four years ago… and Barbara was able to witness Amanda’s graduation from University of Central Florida just two weeks ago. Barbara passed shortly after.

Remember those really crazy nights we spent playing Bunco at 128 Seagrape Drive??  Her dining room table was ready to receive our covered dish contributions, the coffeepot was ready to turn on, tables and chairs were set up and ready for us to begin playing AFTER we dined so well. Without Barbara’s direction, we never would have experienced that many laughs and that much hospitality. She told us we didn’t need brain power to play the game – she wasn’t kidding! Out came the box of pencils, pads for keeping score, and the dice each table needed and those yummy snacks in the little bowls on the corners of the tables…  m&m’s, pretzels and all kinds of little thingies for us to munch on while we tossed the dice and yelled with victory when one of us got bunco!  $10.25 to play: $10 directly into the Scholarship fund and $.25 into the plastic vial for whomever got that last bunco of the evening.

Barbara was a terrific council member… she always kept track of previous board decisions that the rest of us inevitably forgot. I think Barbara had those minutes memorized! She opened her home to not only the council for the monthly meetings, but she also graciously hosted our annual Christmas Gathering.

We truly miss her, but her reminder is always with us each time we play Bunco. We think she’s watching and shaking her head, laughing.

Lodge Highlights:

  • I hear the wind was WILD for the November 1st Hot Dog/Italian Sausage & Peppers Food Sale!!!  Sorry to hear that Joe’s canopy bit the dust, sorry that Anita went airborne, but glad that there was a nifty surplus for Charities in spite of lousy weather!  T.Y.’s go to Joe, Billy, Anita & Joneanne and our members who did the standard semi-annual ‘fine dining’!! Major T.Y. to Deanna... her donation and shopping assistance was so generous.
  • Heads-up, everyone  –  no December General Meeting/Dinner.  The Council will still have its meeting (most likely Monday, December 8th?) at a restaurant of their choosing. And you are very welcome to attend!  Just let the council know…
  • You will receive a proposed 2015 budget in late December-early January for lodge approval at the January 21st general meeting.
  • My future goal (New Year’s Resolution) is to get this newsletter out on a monthly basis, at the beginning of each month!

And now I’m off to update our entire website – photo gallery included!


Le Spiagge: aprile 2014

Ciao, y’all!

It’s almost Pasqua, but first we have to get our lodge info updated…

  • April 11:  BUNCO nite at Anita Hicks’ residence, 2036 Chelwood Ct, A.B., 6:30pm – ?  Bring an appetizer to share, and bring the $10.25 – $10 goes directly to Scholarship fund and the lucky final bunco winner of the evening gets to take home the little bottle of quarters!  Please call Anita or email her if you are attending – she needs to know how many places to set up for…
  • April 12:  We got rained out in March. Joe Fisher was able to change dates to something that may promise to be sunnier. He and his merry comrades will be camped out in the Turner Ace Hardware parking lot, J.B., for the twice yearly Hot Dog and Italian Sausage & Peppers Food Sale!  11am – 2pm (if you can help Joe, Billy, & Rick set up at 10am, that would be great, and extra workers are always appreciated). Bring your appetite, your family’s appetites, your neighbors’ appetites…  nothing is finer than one of these meals!  Proceeds are for our Charities fund – if asked, please let people know we give to our three national foundations: Alzheimers, Cooleys Anemia, and Autism. We also give to various local charities.
  • April 14:  Council Meeting, 7:00pm, Anita’s residence (see address above) …
  • April 16:  General Meeting, 6:00pm, with Appetizers per cena at 6:45pm. Bring a dish to share..
  • April 20:  Buona Pasqua !!!


Le Spiagge: marzo 2014

Buona Festa di Papa`

Not only is today – March 19th – the Feast of St Joseph, it’s also Father’s Day in Italia! Find a zeppola or two e mangia!!!

Upcoming calendar dates and pertinent information:

  • March 19:  General Meeting tonight at 6pm, followed by a covered dish dinner in honor of the feast day and guest speaker Fr. Mark Waters!  Adele Grage Cultural Ctr, A.B.
  • March 29:  Join Joe Fisher and his band of merry comrades in the Turner Ace Hardware parking lot, J.B., for the twice yearly Hot Dog and Italian Sausage & Peppers Food Sale!  11am – 2pm (if you can help Joe, Billy, Rick & Igor set up at 10am, that would be great, and extra workers are always appreciated). Bring your appetite, your family’s appetites, your neighbors’ appetites…  nothing is finer than one of these meals!  Proceeds are for our Charities fund – if asked, please let people know we give to our three nationals: Alzheimers, Cooleys Anemia, and Autism. We also give to various local charities.
  • April 11:  BUNCO nite at Anita Hicks’ residence, 2036 Chelwood Ct, A.B., 6:30pm – ?  Bring an appetizer to share, and bring the $10.25 – $10 goes directly to Scholarship fund and the lucky final bunco winner of the evening gets to take home the little bottle of quarters!  Hey – it’ll get you a big mac at Mickey D’s (kind of)! This just happens to be a very fun-filled, noisy fundraising event that requires no brainpower. Isn’t it wonderful??
  • April 13:  Palm Sunday   we don’t get palms in Italy, we get pretty little olive branches tied with a thin red ribbon.
  • April 14:  Lodge Council meeting, 7pm, at Anita Hicks’ residence… see address above.
  • April 16:  General Meeting at 6pm, followed by Appetizers to share. More info to follow…
  • April 20:  Buona Pasqua!
  • April 21: Buona Pasquetta in Italia
  • May 10:  Mother-Daughter Fashion Show & Tea ($15), 12:30-2:30pm, St Johns Parish Hall. This event is held in conjunction with the St Johns Parish Nurse program. Our proceeds are earmarked for Charities fund.

What you missed:

We began our calendar year with a great start! Our thanks go to our guest speaker Lori Anderson, Exec Director of Mission House in Jax Beach, who joined us for dinner and her presentation in January . We were able to donate funds and provide listed items that Mission House is always in need of. This website  http://www.missionhousejax.org/ will fill you in on what you missed, and if you wish to donate items or clothing (men and women’s), they welcome these donations at Mission House with smiles on their faces. They certainly don’t object to cash donations, also…

February 19th Meeting was a night of elections!  An uncontested slate was named by Joneanne Venable – serving as both Nominating Committee and Elections Committee chair, and then the slate was voted upon, amid laughter, and then the new Council was officially installed by Special Deputy Joe Fisher and Herald Chuck Carroll. No one can say our lodge members don’t know how to have a good time! You can see the list of officers on another page in this website.  President Johnson appointed Joneanne Venable to serve as Guard for the next two years… she’ll be the one reminding you to sign in and taking your money for meals and 50-50 raffle tickets. Since we didn’t want all of the members sitting as officers, with no one in the audience, we eliminated the Mistress of Ceremony position. We have more than enough able-bodied Trustees who will gladly usher into the hallway any new applicant.

And then we held our Carnevale dinner dance on March 1st, where no one danced but the music selection was great, as usual, and low enough to enjoy conversations with fellow diners. What did we experience for the first time?  1. Change of venue to less ‘elegant’ surroundings but an easier access to the facility; 2. A plated dinner, delightfully prepared by a new group of young men and served by their volunteer wait staff; 3. An antipasto plate set on each table, donated by one of our members who actually specializes in this for our general meetings; 4. An honest-to-goodness Italian dinner that consisted of a few hours of eating and visiting!  This dining style is exactly how it’s done in Italy and it was nice to see it repeated in Atlantic Beach!  We all have gotten so used to ‘okay, we are setting aside one hour to eat so we can move along with the evening’ that we forgot the key ingredient: friendship and camaraderie…  Did anyone take pictures that evening? If you did, would you like to share them for our website?

Please remember Barbara Othmer in your prayers – we ask for her healing and look forward to her return to the lodge community…

If you haven’t paid the $35 already, financial secretary Cheryl Berg will take your dues for 2014. You can hand treasurer Anita Hicks a check at one of the meetings or mail to Cheryl at 7 Burling Way, Jax Beach 32250.

Yes, we will return to a book selection soon. Will keep you posted…

Hope the weather stops with the hot-cold-hot soon. It’s time to get back to normal so kids and grandkids and the rest of us can get healthy!

Le Spiagge: Jan, 2014

Welcome to our new website – it is a work in progress and we are very proud of what a member’s out-of-state relative has accomplished for us (thank you, Ron).

Please view everything in each tab… under Scholarships, you will see each recipient’s photo by the year. Lodge members are proud of helping each one of these students with our ‘jump start’ funds. We had a truly great time raising the monies and even more fun giving it back.

Important Dates:  click on the ‘Calendar‘ tab to remain current with our updates.  Dates might change, a location might change, or the time of the event or the addition of a new event … anything can happen.

Please note: on the Calendar of Events, you will need to place your mouse over the particular date/box of text; you will find all pertinent information that can then be copied to your personal paper or smartphone calendars.

2014 Annual Lodge Dues ($35/person) is due by January 15th. Please bring your check (payable to Beaches Lodge 2821) or mail to Dennis Berg, 1701 The Greens Way #812, Jax Beach, FL 32250

Great News!  The Sons of Italy Supreme Lodge has granted regular membership to all social members!  Our social members have been paying the regular annual dues since our inception and we are so pleased that they will be added to a great roster of national names. They finally qualify for that great national quarterly magazine: Italian America and will also have full member access to the national website: www.osia.org. The only restriction is that they are unable to hold office in filial, grand lodge or national levels, as their bloodline is not Italian.

2014 Grand Lodge Calendars are now available for $50 each. The ‘Pick 3’ daily drawing is used to determine our state winners. We have 15 calendars with the following number selections available:  200 – 204, 394 – 398, 487 – 491.  If you have a number preference, please call Joanna Johnson as soon as possible (see roster for her phone number) and give or mail your check to her (payable to the Grand Lodge of Florida).  The calendars will be available at the January meeting. This will be a great time to buy yours and take it home for proud display . . . okay, I jest on the displaying part, but do remember: our lodge has had many winners over the years!

* Upcoming Event *:     Carnevale Dinner Dance, March 1st, 6:30pm    Tickets ($35/person) available at the Jan 15th or Feb 19 meeting or call 233.0143 to hold

Election of Lodge Officers for 2014-16 will be held at the February 19th meeting. Should be fun!  The meal that evening will be Antipasti (no charge) – bring a dish to share.